Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 3-4 • June 12- 18 GAME On!

This week while studying online games I found myself exploring apps which I rarely do. I realized I'm not a fan of apps because on a phone - everything and anything is too small for me to look at for too long. I did however like the curation tool that I used for my spotlight - edsehlf. It's cool for those that like apps and also give search options to find desktop programs. I'm also looking forward to the final project. 

Here are my thoughts on gamification:
"The concept of gamification is relevant to human interaction.  Humans have been ‘playing games’ on each other for centuries. For example the application of gamification (applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging) in the dating scene."

Week 3 • June 12-18: Pulling my blog hair out again

Why do my choice of blogging platforms always end up sucking? I admittedly am not a good blogger however I do appreciate those that are. I use other peoples blogs all the time to find out tutorials, 'how to's, and reviews on products. For example since I could not find out what the problem was for the 1st blog through Weebly [people could not submit feedback/comments] I found a blog on this option. The option being using a Blogger blog and embedding it in Weebly. I'm hoping this one works.