Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pick it...not your nose

This week per assignment suggestion here are some steps I would suggest while picking tech tools. Instead of a rubric I fill steps are easier to refer to when time is money and money is time.

If you are top pick a technology tool for your needs per situation I would start with thinking about these three steps...

  1. What type of tool will work? Think about the content/situation and learner and what type of tool will work. Do you need a video and questions for middle schoolers or adult learners? Will it be incorporated in a live classroom, will it be synchronous or asynchronous, and if you were a learner would it help you?
  2. Tools to you like and are comfortable with - Why invent the wheel? Tech tools and the rate of new tech tools can be overwhelming so when having to create a product 'now' use something that you already know how to do. When you have time try out new tools.
  3. Get it done & evolve - Don't worry about perfection but if you are using a tool you already used try to push yourself to do something new. 

Okay it's not, but try to make it easy and enjoyable ;)

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